Elden Ring: Complete official guide announced, here’s what it will reveal

FromSoftware and Kadokawa have announced an Official Complete Guide to Elden Ring. It will consist of about 600 pages and will include many details and exclusive content about the game. The release date in Japan is July 22, 2022, at a price of 2,970 Yen (about € 21). A Western version has not been announced for the moment.

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The Elden Ring Official Complete Guide will include :

  • Maps for all dungeons in the game
  • The location of items, equipment and NPCs
  • Information on quest progression and main story
  • A guide on how to reach all the endings and on events, missions and NPCs that can be easily missed
  • Detailed explanation of gameplay systems, status effects, features, weapon upgrades and War Ashes
  • New Game + strategies and tips
  • Guides and strategies for the over 100 bosses of the game, with their characteristics, attacks and weaknesses

The Elden Ring Official Complete Guide will consist of exactly 592 A4 pages. The image used as the cover on Amazon Japan is the one you can see below.

The hope is that it will also arrive in the West, at least in English format. It is not only a useful tool for studying the game at an affordable price but also a collector’s item. Elden Ring has sold more than 13 million copies according to the most recent data, so there is a large audience ready to buy this guide.

Of course, you can discover secrets and talk about your Elden Rgin character online as well. Elon Musk also showed off his character gear of him, but fans have attacked him.

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