Fortnite strange bug was found to be absolutely guaranteed to live to the end

Although the most popular multiplayer survival competitive game Fortress Night has been perfected, there are still some interesting bugs that only appear under certain circumstances. Recently, some players discovered one again. This time, it is too useful. Wonderful, it can absolutely guarantee that players can live to the end “eat chicken” without much effort.

Recently, the well-known BUG commentary player and anchor GKI demonstrated this interesting bug. When the player was riding in a Whiplash sports car, he was hit by a big stone in the head.

You can see that the sports car was directly smashed into the “underground”, but the sports car will immediately return to the ground to maintain its original state. , here comes the problem, if you try again and get off the car the moment you hit the ground, the player will come to a “brand new” world.

In this way, as long as the player uses this bug, it is estimated that the enemy will never find an opponent for a lifetime. Of course, “Fortress Night” has a severe punishment mechanism, so it is better to treat such a BUG that seriously disrupts the balance.

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