Apple Watch helps rescue Australian kayaker stranded at sea

An Australian kayaker used the Apple Watch’s emergency call feature to call for help after strong currents left him stranded more than two miles offshore, according to AppleInsider. At about 9 am local time on June 18, a man from New South Wales was pushed far into the sea in a kayak. A report in the Daily Mail said a dangerous surf warning had been issued for the area when the man was in trouble.

After being separated from his partner, his boat drifted into the middle of the ocean off Sydney’s north coast and he was unable to row back to shore. That’s when the man called for help using his Apple Watch’s emergency services call feature, according to rescue agencies.

He was rescued by members of the NSW Surf Lifesaving Squad after a call from state law enforcement at around 9.30am local time. The man was taken to Westpac’s rescue helicopter and showed signs of fatigue and mild hypothermia, but later refused treatment when the helicopter landed in Balmoral.

NSW Police were able to contact the man’s partner, who returned to shore safely earlier in the day. The Apple Watch has always been praised as an essential component that helps users save lives in dangerous situations.

Earlier in November 2021, a cyclist was able to call for emergency assistance from his Apple Watch after being hit by a car while riding. In February 2022, a man suffered a head injury after falling off his bicycle, and the Apple Watch alerted authorities, allowing him to receive timely medical assistance. As recently as June, a woman was rescued from the Columbia River after her feet got stuck between rocks in the riverbed, and then used her Apple Watch to call for help.

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