Leak: iPad mini 7 is equipped with a 120Hz ProMotion screen

Recently, it was reported that Apple will release the iPad mini 7 with a 120Hz ProMotion screen. A display industry analyst is skeptical. DSCC analyst Ross Young responded to the rumors on Twitter, saying he was “surprised” that the LCD panels Apple uses for the iPad mini are not ProMotion compatible.

Apple currently uses a-Si LCD backplane technology for the iPad mini 6 screens. A-Si or amorphous silicon is the display technology of choice for the display market due to its low cost and relatively simple production process.

Ross Young pointed out that Apple’s iPad Pro models use Oxide LCD panels. Oxide LCD technology is one of the most popular “IGZO” technologies, favored by the premium smartphone industry for its ability to provide higher contrast, refresh rate and resolution.

Previously, Apple’s iPad mini 6 was accused of having a “jelly rolling” problem, and it was reported that the next-generation iPad mini would use ProMotion technology to solve the problem. “Jelly scrolling” refers to the slanted/wobbly text effect that some users see when scrolling text on an iPad mini 6 in portrait mode.

Since the LCD screen is refreshed line by line, there is a slight delay between refreshing the top and bottom lines. While this is normal behavior for LCD screens, the “jelly scroll” effect is more pronounced when viewed on the iPad mini 6.

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