Street Fighter 6 will be a Reinterpretation of Street Fighter 2, for the director

More and more information and details are coming on Street Fighter 6, the long-awaited new game in the historic Capcom series, arriving in the course of 2023 on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X / S. And the next episode promises to be very ambitious.

As revealed by director Takayuki Nakayama during an interview with Game Informer, with Street Fighter 6 the development team aims to reinterpret the iconic Street Fighter II in a modern way: ” We are facing a lot of challenges with the development of this new game, but in terms of past episodes we are definitely drawing inspiration from Street Fighter II, we want to see how we can reimagine it and adapt it to modern settings and visuals, “explains Nakayama.

Not just the legendary second chapter though, as Capcom is taking a cue from more classics from its past to shape the future of Street Fighter. ” Final Fight is another great source of inspiration “, reveals the director, who continues: ” In the new World Tour mode that we have introduced, the starting point is Metro City, one of the most famous stages of Final Fight “. And again: ” I think the art direction and musical background of Street Fighter III Third Strike were fundamental and work well in Street Fighter 6. The series has always had a certain affinity with hip-hop, that’s why we adopted it. for the new game “.

Recall that the Street Fighter 6 World Tour will be a very ambitious mode, which Capcom still needs to deepen properly in the coming months. In addition to the contents, the authors are paying great attention to even the smallest details: think of the signs of the fight clearly visible on the characters of Street Fighter 6 at the end of a fight, between bruises and wounds.

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