Fallout London, another modder of the group has been hired by Bethesda

Another modder belonging to the Fallout London group has been hired by Bethesda, it has emerged within a recent update on the status of the work, with Ryan Johnson joining the official development team after the work done on the ambitious. Fallout 4 modification.

It is not the first case of its kind, however: last year, the head writer responsible for the history and lyrics of Fallout London, Stephanie Zachariadis, accepted a job as a Quest Designer at Bethesda, which demonstrates how the mod project really is. promising, considering how the same developers of the main series are repeatedly drawing from the group of talented developers and modders.

Johnson will be an associate-level designer for Bethesda and is leaving the Fallout: London team after however doing what he can to complete his share of the work and ensure the project can be completed in 2023.

Curiously, there is also a different story on the part of the project lead Dean Carter: the latter also received a job offer, in particular from the British team Double Eleven that is dealing with Fallout 76, however, he declined the ‘offer.

After “an intense introspection”, Carter decided not to cross the fence and stay on developing Fallout: London to the end, along with his fellow adventurers. Just in the past few days we have seen a new video from Fallout: London that shows some settings, confirming the size and complexity of this total mod for Fallout 4.

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