Ubuntu desktop: Unity 7.6 released

Ubuntu Unity is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that uses Unity instead of the Gnome desktop environment. Back then, it was developed by Canonical itself, before then switching to Gnome by default. Ubuntu Unity is a fork that continues to rely on Unity. Responsible for this is Rudra Saraswat, a twelve-year-old (!) developer who has been doing this since he was 10 years old.

After Ubuntu Unity 22.04 was released in April, Unity 7.6 is now available for download. This is not the “Ubuntu Unity” package, but the desktop environment, which is now being given a major release after 6 years. It has also resumed active development of Unity7 and will regularly release new versions with more features.

An update has been released for Ubuntu Unity 22.04 users. Run sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade to upgrade to Unity 7.6 or wait for Software Updater to check for updates. The new features include adapting the app launcher to give it a contemporary look. Added support for accent colors in unity and unity-control-center, and updated the theme list in unity-control-center. The changelog can be viewed here.

Here are the changes I’ve made in Unity 7.6:

  • The dash (app launcher) and HUD have been redesigned for a modern and slick look.
  • Added support for accent colors to Unity and unity-control-center, and updated theme list in unity-control-center.
  • Fixed broken app info and ratings in-dash preview.
  • The info panel has been updated in unity-control-center.
  • Improved dash rounded corners.
  • Fixed the ‘Empty Trash’ button in the dock (it now uses Nemo instead of Nautilus).
  • Migrated the complete Unity7 shell source code to GitLab and got it to compile on 22.04.
  • The design is much flatter but retains the system-wide blur.
  • The dock’s menus and tooltips have been given a more modern look.
  • The low graphics mode works much better now and the dash is faster than ever.
  • The RAM usage in Unity7 is slightly lower now, while the RAM usage has been reduced substantially to about 700-800 MBs in Ubuntu Unity 22.04.
  • Fixed the standalone testing Unity7 launcher (this will help Unity7 contributors).
  • The buggy tests have been disabled and the build time is much shorter (this will help Unity7 contributors).

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