Apple launches investigation into iPad mini 6 charging issue

According to a memo to service providers obtained by MacRumors, Apple is investigating a more serious problem for users. Some users have reported that the iPad mini 6 may fail to charge after updating to iPadOS 15.5.

Apple says some “iPad mini” users are unable to charge after installing the latest iPadOS 15.5 updates. Apple’s recommendation is to reboot. Apple told service providers and retail employees that it could advise customers to restart their devices as a temporary fix if they were unable to charge during operation.

Most importantly, Apple has clearly pointed out that “replacement of the iPad or its battery and other hardware will not solve the problem”, which means that this is purely a software problem. Apple is currently beta testing iPadOS 15.6, which is expected in the next few days. This issue may be resolved in this release.

Several iPad mini 6 users have recently reported in the Apple support forum and other communities that they have charging problems after updating to the latest iPadOS system. One user said that he replaced the data cable and charger. After that, although it is useful, it can only last for a period of time, which is a temporary cure.

Another user said that he had done a factory reset twice, and each time he might have two or three days of normal use and then had to do a factory reset again. It’s worth mentioning that Apple has provided a similar approach before, but it doesn’t seem to be of much help.

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