Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC The Amazing Empire will be released on August 23

Before CA officially introduced the Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC Extraordinary Empire, in Extraordinary Empire, players can use all 86 legendary lords of the Warhammer trilogy, and will also add a new Sea Route function, introducing random mid-to-late game challenges, modifying victory conditions, and more. Now CA has officially announced that the beta version of the DLC “Amazing Empire” will go live on August 23, unifying the entire Warhammer trilogy in one big world war.

The official stated that the reason why the “Total War: Warhammer 3” DLC “The Extraordinary Empire” was released as a beta version is that there are too many contents that need to be further adjusted to ensure that the visual effects and mechanical balance are perfect.

The Transcendent Empire will not currently include the Chaos Realm, and the Dark Elves will not gain new gates similar to Nagaki to defend against Chaos; the game map will be expanded or adjusted in the future.

Because there are too many factions in the game, the turn-over time may be longer. Currently, efforts are being made to optimize and solve this problem. Some races won’t get new exclusive music right now, that’s for later; more landmarks will be added in the future. The sea route mechanism is purely convenient for players to move, and there will be no midway encounters, but it can be adjusted according to feedback in the future.

The new victory conditions will be modified to better suit your role. The official has done a lot of work to improve the playability in the later stage of the game, some birthplaces will be modified, and a lot of skill trees will be updated. Many older races will receive mechanical updates, such as Norsca. The Empire and Vampires will also receive many updates, which will be officially announced in the future.

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