Halo Infinite Co-op campaign beta now available

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has pushed the beta testing portion of the game’s cooperative campaign mode, players can get an early experience of the mode before it officially goes live in August. The beta test is available to all players who own Halo Infinite’s campaign mode, as well as PC players who have previously signed up for the Halo Insider Program on Steam.

In the Halo Infinite cooperative trial mode, players can cooperate with three friends in the campaign mode, experience various levels and open world scenarios, and support Xbox and PC cross-platform play. During co-op campaign play, all progress is saved, and content collected in co-op is unlocked for all players participating in the game.

The cooperative mode is compatible with the task replay function. Players can replay previously completed tasks at any time during the game, and players can save two ongoing tasks at the same time and switch with teammates at any time. However, progress made during the beta process will not carry over to the retail version of Halo Infinite’s campaign mode.

It should be noted that in the cooperative campaign mode, friendly firepower is enabled, so special attention needs to be paid before throwing mines. Also, players can’t be more than 1000 feet apart, or they will be killed for AWOL.

The beta is limited to players who have purchased the retail version of the Halo: Infinite campaign (or have an XGP subscription). Xbox players can enter the beta test through the Xbox Insider Hub app.

PC players on the Steam platform who have signed up for the Halo Insider Program can get the beta game key at Halo Insider Active Flights. If the player does not see the key, it means that he has not been selected to participate in the beta test, and he can log in later to take a look.

According to 343 Industries, the beta test will end on August 1, which means that players have two weeks to experience the cooperative mode and report back.

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