AMD revealed its AI call noise reduction feature

AMD seems to be about to launch a competitor to Nvidia RTX Voice, which can eliminate background noise when players are talking or using the microphone in other ways.

According to Tom’s Hardware, AMD posted a teaser of the new feature on its YouTube channel, which was then immediately deleted, possibly by a swipe to upload. However, the trailer has been saved by Reddit user u/zenobian.

As you can see from the trailer, the feature, called AMD Noise Suppression, is very similar to Nvidia’s RTX Voice, using a “real-time deep learning algorithm” to provide “two-way noise reduction” that filters out both outgoing and incoming microphone audio background noise and will be built into AMD Adrenalin software.

It is not clear how effective AMD’s AI call noise reduction function will be, and when it will go live. If it can reach the same level as Nvidia RTX Voice, it will also be a good feature for users. In addition, NVIDIA RTX Voice has supported a wide range of graphics card hardware last year, even including the GTX 600 series 10 years ago. I hope that the hardware compatibility of AMD Noise Suppression can also reach the level of NVIDIA.

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