Smartphones: Pros and Cons

A smartphone means a multifunctional device with a web browser, camera, and high-quality display. Smartphones have a large number of storage space, microSD, and slots to allow you to upgrade further and intuitive touchscreen user interfaces so you can access all the great functions of the handset quickly and easily.

The first smartphone launch by IBM was invented in 1992 and released for purchase in 1994, it was called the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). While not very compact and sleek, the device still featured several elements that became staples to every smartphone that followed.

Then in 1997, the phone come with the snake game and Nokia 2001 phone is the first that launched with the Internet. It’s wireless and portable and we can also make video conferencing calls through this device.

In 2007 the first iPhone was launched this phone gives the experience of the desktop to customers. The iPhone was the sleekest touchscreen device ever made, it featured a large glass screen and a single button on the front. Apple launched the AppStore in 2008 one year after the iPhone launch giving users a way to install apps and go beyond what Apple provided.


 1. Communications Made Easier:

Smartphones device enables us to communicate with each other. The technology of smartphones modernized communications. Through this, we can send text messages, calls, video chat, and applications allow us to connect with others around the world instantly.

2. Privacy:

This device keeps safe your information and protects your data. It has a lock system that protects the device from unauthorized access. Locks like passwords, patterns, fingerprint sensors, and face id secure your phone. These locks should be unique and can’t be shared with others, otherwise, they see your stuff.

 3. Web Surfing:

The smartphone is very compact and portable and surfs the internet very easily. This device is integrated with a mobile browser that enables you to access websites to be searched and viewed anywhere and at any time.

The total time spent by people on smartphones is used to open browsers to surf the internet, according to a survey. Through this, people have simple access to the information.

4. GPS:

This device also works on GPS. In this device, several applications allow you to locate the place. It gives you information and it doesn’t matter who you are a driver or a pedestrian this feature saves you from asking for directions from a stranger. Some application also displays traffic jam on the route and provide another way.

5. Education:

Nowadays smartphones are very useful for children’s education they learn some complex concepts quickly by watching videos. Some apps are also available from which students get online courses for learning.

6. Entertainment:

We can also watch movies and web series on this device. In this, we can also play games and listen to music.

7. Useful Apps:

With the voice assistant, the smartphone can do almost all things like search for something on the internet and open some other apps for you.


1. Distraction:

Yes, indeed, we are distracted quickly because of frequent notifications. When we drive a vehicle, shouldn’t use phones it might distract our sight resulting meet an accident. Do not endanger your life. Another problem is social etiquette means we less interact with family members and Neighbours.

2. Cost:

Smartphones are costly sometimes if your phone has a lot of features, its cost is more. When it accidentally falls or damages its repair cost also gives a headache. It should handle with care and awareness.

3. Health Problems:

We sleep at night late because of surfing the internet, using social media, chatting, and watching videos and web series which affects eyesight, neck pain, and sleeping disorders.

4. Addiction:

When we use this device for our needs, we are also addicted to its other time-consuming features like continuously playing games, watching irrelevant videos, and keep posting on social media. All this activity consumes your precious time which cannot replaceable.

5. Risk of Data Loss:

In this fast era, we want everything very quick like we do online shopping and online payment sometimes we are in a hurry we do not pay attention to website details and proceed with transactions which give us heavy losses like money loss and personal information loss.

Be careful when doing online transactions and verify whether the site is secure or not.

6. Uncensored Contents:

Some stuff on the internet that affects children’s mental health like violent videos and uncensored material which they access unintentionally.

Now we all see the pros and cons of smartphones, it seems very useful lot things we can do from home like shopping, order meal and pay bills but it also has some loss like we addicted it and see phone screen often. Using everything over the limit gives us a loss So, use this smart device when it’s mandatory.






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