Apple Watch Pro will be completely redesigned with a 7% larger screen, but new sensors delayed

According to previous reports, Apple will launch three new Apple Watches this fall, including the Apple Watch Pro for extreme sports. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed more about the Apple Watch Pro in his latest Power On newsletter.

It is reported that the Apple Watch Pro will have a larger display, longer battery life and a new body temperature sensor. Gurman believes the watch can last for days on a single charge thanks to the rumored low-power mode.

Gurman also said that Apple will introduce an “evolution of the current square dial, rather than a round dial,” and that the Apple Watch Pro will have a new look for the first time since 2018.

I’ve been told that the high-end model will be a bit larger than the standard Apple Watch, so big that it may only appeal to a small percentage of customers. The screen will be about 7% larger, the device will have a new look, it will be an evolution of the current rectangular dial instead of a circular one, and it won’t have the rumored flat design. In terms of materials, the watch will use a more durable titanium alloy.

In addition, while the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro may have body temperature sensors, Gurman said other sensors are delayed, blood pressure testing may not be available until 2025, and blood sugar testing will not be available until 2030 at the latest.

It was previously reported that the Apple Watch Pro will also be equipped with an S8 chip – the same as the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 models, as well as a new body temperature sensor, and the starting price may be close to 900 US dollars or 999 US dollar.

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