Tesla FSD Beta 10.13 first image: Revealing improved vehicle path

The first images of FSD Beta 10.13 have begun to surface. Tesla’s latest FSD Beta is currently being tested by employees before it’s released to the public later this week. There are many expected improvements in this update, including solving more complex turns that include a median.

However, one change that hasn’t been talked about until now is the car’s improved path visualization. The vehicle’s path that is shown on the screen will now go much further out. In prior updates, the vehicle’s planned path may only go out the length of a couple of cars. This could sometimes lead to confusion if the vehicle decides to take a path that does not correspond to the vehicle’s navigation.

As we can see in these new images, the vehicle’s intended path now goes out much further. Judging by these two images, the path goes out about as far as the rest of the visualizations. Although the vehicle can change its path as it gets closer and encounters potential obstacles, this will give beta testers a much better understanding of the vehicle’s intentions.

Release Date

On July 5th Elon Musk said that the “3 am oil” was being burned in order to get Beta 10.13 out the door. About a week later he said that the beta was going out to employees and the public release should be soon. The latest information we have on the release of FSD Beta 10.13 is that it will be available “this week.”

Last night Elon said via Twitter that the software will be ready “maybe end of this week.” Since it was Saturday night, it’s not exactly clear which week Elon was referring to, but it looks like we may be in for at least a little more waiting before the first testers start receiving the latest beta.

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