Apple is again poached by Samsung, this time as a semiconductor chip expert

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is slightly complicated. The two companies are each other’s biggest competitors in the field of consumer electronics, but at the same time, the two companies are also partners. Apple purchases from Samsung. For many key components, including OLED panels, Samsung also earns a lot of revenue from Apple by selling components.

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is both a partner and a competitor, which also makes the flow of important executives between the two companies slightly rare. Even if Apple has poached a large number of technical experts and executives from many companies, there are very few of them. News of poaching from Samsung.

Although there is little news that Apple has successfully poached people from Samsung, Samsung has successfully poached people from Apple many times. They recently poached a semiconductor expert from Apple again.

According to reports from South Korean media, Samsung Electronics set up a packaging solution center in its U.S. division of device solutions in July this year, and the appointed director was Kim Woo-pyeong, who previously worked at Apple.

According to Korean media reports, after graduating from the Korea Academy of Science and Technology, Kim Woo-pyeong has worked for semiconductor giants for a long time, successively at Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. He started working at Apple in 2014 and joined Samsung in July this year.

Regarding Samsung’s poaching of Kim Woo-pyeong from Apple, some experts believe that this is also unusual between the two companies. This is also Samsung’s poaching of important talents from Apple after many years. The last time was in 2012 when Samsung poached Luc Julia, director of Apple’s Siri project.

As the research and development of chip process technology become more and more difficult, the improvement of packaging technology has become a major breakthrough point for foundries. They are trying their best to improve packaging technology to overcome physical limitations.

Packaging technology is also one of the areas that Samsung Electronics focuses on. They poached Kim Woo-pyeong from Apple this time and appointed him as the director of the newly established packaging solution center in the United States, which is bound to strengthen their strength in packaging technology research and development.

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