Is Samsung planning a camera with over 400 megapixels?

A few years ago, the first companies started to start a second-megapixel race. Pixel binning gave us the first models with 48 or 64 megapixels. However, the situation has escalated somewhat in recent months.

Are cameras with 400 megapixels coming soon?

100+ megapixels are no longer a rarity and that will not shock any of you. Even the 200 megapixels from Samsung left many colds. So it goes straight on because we could expect over 400 megapixels.

A good Samsung source has hinted at a 432-megapixel sensor, which is really starting to get absurd. Especially since most people have understood that more megapixels don’t mean better quality, who cares about that anymore?

There seems to be a market for it, otherwise, Samsung wouldn’t have developed a 200-megapixel sensor, and otherwise, Sony wouldn’t be thinking about going for 100-megapixels. Even Apple is slowly following the trend.

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