Stray: The secret language of the game has already been deciphered

Stray, the surprising new title from Annapurna starring an agile and tender feline, has only been available for a few days on PC and PlayStation. This was enough for the community to discover the functioning of the encrypted language present within the cyberpunk universe of the game.

Stray’s cipher language is based on a replacement code that helps make the game world more cryptic and mysterious. A replacement cipher encrypts text by exchanging each letter under consideration with an alternate symbol, which can then be decrypted with a key.

This key turned out to be the title of every chapter in Stray. The game, in fact, shows on the screen how each section of the adventure is titled, both in encrypted language and in English. This meant that the curious enough players came to the head of the riddle and could decipher Stray’s alphabet, as you can see by looking at the image shown below.

The discovery authors have in any case specified that it is not always possible to obtain a perfectly sensible sentence by performing the direct translation of what can be read within the game sections.

Meanwhile, the modders are indulging themselves on PC and have already been allowed to play in cooperative multiplayer.

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