Xbox make a easy way for game selection

Search in Xbox game library sometimes you don’t know which game we choose to play, you search in Game Pass it can’t respond at the moment. To solve this problem Microsoft currently testing, along with badges warn you that the game can’t be launched, as per Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie.

Features of the library you can add two badges on screens then you can see the game screen, like the home screen or the library. Sometimes you can’t play games because of licensing issues or when you can’t currently login into the Xbox Live account associated with the game then an exclamation mark appears on its thumbnail.

When you need to insert a disc to play the game, it will notify you with an icon as a crossed-out disc. Now, the test is performed for Xbox Alpha & Alpha Skip-Ahead Insider groups, which Microsoft says are usually “invite-only.”

This feature makes game searching easy with a single look, saving you from getting excited to see the game library start playing and receive an error message. Trying to clear those error messages or sometimes the system responds like an Xbox Live outage means the game is unlaunchable for the time being. In this test, some new error types are included and it takes more time to release a new version.

“Own a game” make users confused for the past few years and what it means they don’t get it, So makers should solve this problem also. A button is also added to the library to remove that content that is no longer in use. There will be more improvement shortly and icon tests are a priority.

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