Gmail’s Material You Web redesign with update for tablet

Google is now more widely turning out Gmail’s Material You redesign, which was announced by the company last month, to modernize tablets it’s coming later this year.

Because of public point up Google uses a “unified” nature of having “Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet in a single, unified view.”  As per the preview earlier this year, Google “will begin to bring out for all Gmail users who have turned on Chat.”

The first change is an “App main Menu” enable to switch between several Workspace apps, during Chat notification bubbles will appear at the bottom of this strip. The next column over (the “Collapsible panel”) tells which applications you’re in, with recently use content like folders and labels shown in Gmail and chat conversations with other people.

Google brings new features such as adding a filter button to the top-right corner of your inbox next to the page switcher/arrows. For clear results a drop-down is available. These filters already exist in search today, Gmail come up with new improvements to avoid any query.

  • Type: Mail, Messages (Chat), or Spaces
  • From: Sender
  • To: Recipient
  • Anytime: Date range
  • Has attachment: With image, document, spreadsheet, presentation, etc. filters
  • Is unread
  • Exclude calendar invites

This feature is not currently available even to those who are using the Material You redesign. Material Design 3 uses a blue background (though themes are available, as seen below) to replace the previous white one, and updated buttons, like “Compose,” being rectangular with rounded corners instead of a pill.

Google plans to bring new features later this year, first priority will be Android-focused and leverage a navigation rail, it will be going to be more interesting to see Gmail for iPad also use such new items.


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