Now Xiaomi/Redmi Tablet PC introduce two new screens

Using Android apps in PC Mode on the Mi Mix Fold Xiaomi introduces two new screens in their upcoming tablet and PC. Apps open in PC Mode in a vertical rectangle (aka phone slab) shape, and the Mi Mix Fold supports up to four apps maximum. Try to open another app with four apps running already and the phone will simply close the first app before launching the new one.

Xiaomi / Redmi Tablet PC has two new screens: a 12.4-inch LTPS LCD and a 10.61-inch a-Si LCD display. The news of the new series of Xiaomi and Redmi tablets has step by step become clear. Currently, Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station said that Xiaomi is originating the Snapdragon 8 series high-end true flagship tablet.

Now the blogger said that Xiaomi has a grab delivery of the two new screens, one of which is a 12.4-inch LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) LCD screen with a screen resolution of 2800 x 1752p, and the second one is a 10.61-inch a-Si (amorphous silicon) LCD screen) LCD screen.

The former is expected to be used in the Xiaomi Mi Tablet 6 series, and the latter is expected to be used in the Redmi entry-level tablet (expected to be equipped with a MediaTek Xun Kun processor).

The blogger said, “The Redmi K50S accoutred with the Dimension 8100 chips and the national version of the entry-level Redmi tablet are not recently linked to the Internet. The Xiaomi Tablet 6 series has really rehearsed a view of the Density 8100 and the Snapdragon 8 series flagship platform, and the big size is also In preparation, but it is not confirmed right now.

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