Tesla Model Y becomes the most popular model in the world

According to the latest report, this year’s June was a record-breaking month for the EV and Petrol car segment. With pure electric models reaching 12% of the global market, plug-in vehicles also had a 16% market share.

Tesla launched Model Y in March 2019, and the Model Y, a cross-border sports utility electric vehicle that began to be delivered the following year, replaced the predecessor Model 3 in some markets shortly after its launch and became Tesla’s best-selling model.

As the Shanghai Gigafactory, the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory have successively started producing the Model Y, Tesla’s production of this electric vehicle has increased significantly and deliveries have increased significantly.

In June of this year, the Tesla Model Y was the world’s top-selling electric car and Tesla’s best-selling model. Data shows that Tesla delivered 97,950 Model Y units to consumers around the world in June this year, far higher than other models in terms of electric vehicles. Second only to the Model Y is the Tesla Model 3, an electric vehicle that began deliveries more than two years before the Model Y, with 53,768 deliveries in June.

The data also shows that in June this year, a total of 913,500 electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, were delivered globally, and the Tesla Model Y accounted for 10.7% of them. Counting the Model 3’s 5.9 percent, Tesla’s two best-selling electric vehicles have a 16.6 percent share.

With the steady increase in production capacity after the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory are put into operation, coupled with the continued increase in the Shanghai Gigafactory’s production capacity, Tesla Model Y production will be higher in the future, and deliveries will also increase.

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