Street Fighter 6, new taste of the soundtrack: It’s Guile’s turn

Whether it’s in-depth details or little curiosities, Capcom continues to keep fans constantly updated on Street Fighter 6, the new episode of the legendary 2D fighting series that will make its return on PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation consoles in the course of 2023.

The latest news is once again with a musical background: after having made us listen to the theme of Ryu in Street Fighter 6 as well as those of Luke and Chun-Li, the Japanese software house delights the hearing of the players with the song by Guile, titled ” Sharpened Sonic ” and that goes well with the personality and look of the iconic fighter introduced for the first time in Street Fighter II.

Also in this case, as has already happened for the other historical characters so far confirmed for the sixth main episode, it is a brand new theme that has no references to the historical background of Guile heard in the second game and in other subsequent titles. Capcom wants to follow the path of complete renewal for the new exponent of the series, not even excluding the sound sector in order to make the sixth chapter more and more unique.

In any case, the company does not disdain to wink at the past too: the classic looks of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile will be present in Street Fighter 6 and, at this point, it cannot be excluded that even further classic characters can do their return with both old-school costumes and a revamped look designed specifically for the new game.

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