Street Fighter 6 two characters from the roster leaked online

While the EVO 2022 is taking place, on Street Fighter 6 two characters of the roster are leaking ahead of time, curiously through the official social accounts of Capcom which evidently must have made some mistakes.

In a sense, it is spoilers if we want to wait for the official presentations from the company, but it is still expected information, considering that the list of fighters is not complete and must be revealed in the next period.

In any case, these are two female fighters, one unpublished and one instead of returning from previous chapters.

The first is Kimberly, who has already shown herself in Street Fighter 6 alongside Jamie in the second official trailer for the game. Called “the Ninja”, she is a student of Guy, who follows the art of bushinryu and appears totally infatuated with 80’s pop culture, which is why she always carries some sort of Walkman with her.

The other character is Juri, “The Sadist”, a fighter already known in the Street Fighter universe, having made her first appearance in Super Street Fighter 4 and then in Street Fighter V. joy in the total annihilation of the opponent, once a bitter enemy of M. Bison and now simply a fighter who can no longer give up the thrill of combat, after the defeat of her nemesis. You can find the images of the two fighters at this address on ResetEra, after the removal of Capcom’s tweets.

For the rest, just yesterday we saw a video that presents the news in real-time for the matches of Street Fighter 6, while the classic versions of Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile have been confirmed.

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