Security Flaw of Twitter possibly exposed 5 million accounts

We humans like to share our thoughts with others to explain our thinking and want to know others too. Twitter is a platform that is good for blogging. For now, Twitter recently encounter a problem related to a new Security issue that affects Twitter Accounts, the company fixed this. This flaw may enable hackers to know about the email addresses/phone numbers of users linked with that account.

Hacker forums exposed the identities of millions of secret accounts, which is confirmed by the microblogging service. Since vulnerability is fixed so there is no need to worry about that. If someone has bad intentions, they use this issue as an opportunity to get more information through email/phone numbers.

This Security flaw affected Twitter Accounts:

  • This issue uncovers some email id/ phone numbers and if someone searches an account with this data the Twitter system opens an account associated with this ID.
  • Twitter’s code introduced the security flaw in June last year. When they receive an alert from their bug bounty program they fixed that issue last January.
  • As per the Beeping Computer report, a hacker sold some data related to 5.4 million accounts via a hacker forum for $30,000.
  • The company does not say yet several accounts exposed after this flaw, but they say it affects pseudonymous accounts. The sold data contains accounts related to celebrities, companies, and random users.

The company will give an alert to affected users with this flaw. This platform recommends to private accounts users that do not add phone numbers and email addresses to their accounts. To strengthen accounts’ security Company encourages people to do two-way authentication with the help of apps or hardware if needed.

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