Disney beats Netflix in the subscribers race

Disney is one of the top streaming services all around the world and we love watching Disney movies. According to the latest report, the number of subscribers on Disney increased to 221, surpassing Netflix.

Disney also announced that customers who want to watch ad-free Disney+ or Hulu content will have to pay more. The monthly fee for the ad-free Disney+ service will increase by 38% this December to $10.99, with ads included in the content if you don’t want to pay more. Disney shares rose 6.9 percent to $120.15 after hours on Wednesday.

In 2017, Disney began betting on streaming services to compete with Netflix as viewers shifted from traditional cable and broadcast TV to online. Five years later, Disney has more total streaming subscribers than Netflix. Disney+ customers added 14.4 million in the quarter, and with Hulu and ESPN+, Disney’s streaming paid subscribers reached 221.1 million at the end of June.

Investing analyst Haris Anwar said: “Disney is taking over the city, and Netflix is ​​struggling to grow to pay subscribers. Disney has plenty of room for growth in markets where the service is launching rapidly, and new customers will continue to grow. Increase.”

To attract new customers, Disney will offer an ad-free version of the service starting December 8 for $7.99 a month, the same price as the current ad-free version. In December, Hulu’s monthly fee will increase by $1, and the price will be $2. According to Disney’s forecast, the total number of Disney+ users will reach 215-245 million by the end of September 2024.

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