Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 durability test out

Samsung has recently launched its most powerful smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has been launched with pre-installed One UI 4.1.1 based on the Android 12 update. As we know that whenever a smartphone is launched, they reach Jerry’s hands within a few days and Jerry does its durability test very ruthlessly.

The last time Jerry put the durability test video, that video was of the OnePlus 10T and in that video, Jerry broke the OnePlus 10T very badly. Now let’s see how long the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can last in the durability test.

Jerry first started testing the scratch test and then move up to the dust test…on these two steps, Samsung Z Fold 4 impressed him.

After the above test, Jerry tried to break the Z Fold 4 by hand and you won’t believe the Z Fold 4 passes the test this time Samsung really worked hard to make it unbreakable.

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