Android: No security update available and maybe Pixel Feature drop

The day is finally when Google will launch a major update package for Pixel users. This includes three parts that can be released at different times. September Android Security update is important. A new Android beat phase has already announced that maybe there are chances of Pixel features dropping in this process.

No update was available when it announced

Google surely planned for the start of the Android security update but in the US their Labor Day holiday. Because of this, the company postponed this update. But their previous time on a public holiday the update was released.

Android security Update

Through this update, devices get upgraded but now the update is delayed. This update package will bring the Android Security update which appears for the Android ecosystem and in an extended Pixel variant. This update is usually released on the day of release and automatically rolled out to Pixel phones. Hope that didn’t work in August maybe successfully update in September.

Another update: Android 13 QPR Beta

This update announced in early September is Android 13 QPR Beta. This may not be bringing any innovation to the surface. So, you can be updated without it. The last time QPR Beta update was released just after Android 12 was rolled out but now users need to wait for some time.

Maybe Pixel Feature Drop with this update

It is all almost three years, it is set every three months, and is reliably rolled out. In late summer, however, it was already combined with the major Android update. This won’t happen this time the Android 13 already rolling out in August. So, there may be the possibility of the enhancement of the feature drop.

Pixel 3a Update

The update for the Pixel 3a was announced in May then August and now September, all this describes there is still a long way to come to the update.
All these updates maybe resolve the long-time issue of Pixel users. When users of Pixel 6 update their device to Android 13 then they face Battery problems. Hope that all these updates come as soon as possible and resolve all these issues.

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