Google Pixel’s Car Crash Detection like iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 brings

Apple launched the iPhone 14 along with the Apple Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra, and Watch SE 2. Apple’s new products bring new features as well as the Google Pixel’s Car Crash Detection also which was launched in the 2019 year. Tech companies are copying each other’s product features for the benefit of everyone. Most users don’t know yet that Pixel’s Car Crash Detection feature exists before.

Google did some advertising about this feature. When the Pixel 4 launched then this feature enlightened. Maybe this feature comes in a future release of smartphones. Apple may be including this feature more enhance the latest launch iPhone 14 and watch the performance.

This Pixel’s Car Crash Detection feature exists from the Pixel 3 launched with the “Safety” app. How this function works in Pixel like in Apple uses onboard sensors to recognize when you get into a crash.

How does Pixel’s Car Crash Detection feature work?

Google explains that it uses location data, motion sensors, and microphones on your device to detect the conditions of a car crash. After the crash Pixel phone vibrates and alarms before calling emergency services like 911 call them. It is similar to the Apple launch with iPhone and with the watch.

On a support page, Google explains:

Your Pixel 3, 4, and later can use information like your phone’s location, motion sensors, and nearby sounds to detect a possible severe car crash. Car crash detection requires location, physical activity, and microphone permissions to work. If your phone determines you got in a severe car crash and calls emergency services, your approximate location and car crash data may be transmitted to emergency services by Android’s Emergency Location Service.

Is that Car Crash Detection on Pixel work?

Now, the question is whether this feature work or not no one pays attention to it. But the thing is that there based on some documented cases this saves lives.

In early 2021, a story of his accident was shared by the Pixel owner on his private land, which occurred on the farm equipment. That vehicle crashed and flipped over, leaving him unconscious, trapped, and with his phone out of reach. When he got consciousness, got to know that his phone already contacted the emergency services and that man’s life was saved.

There are some more accidents highlighted people who met the accident in an unfamiliar area and were saved by these features. This feature is very smart and useful but hopes this feature is very the least used. Now, this feature comes in the iPhone 14 which is a very good thing. Apple’s Car Crash Detection feature also uses motion sensors to detect a crash, but in Apple’s case, at least on the Apple Watch Series 8 (and ultra/SE2), the barometer is also used to detect changes consistent with an airbag going off.

Apple’s new watch also includes special sensors that Apple says are used to further improve the accuracy of car crash detection, which only triggers when the user is detected as driving. Maybe with the help of additional hardware users detect the location fast but it doesn’t mean the phone feature is not good. This is a very useful feature of the phone.

Your phone may not be able to detect all crashes. High-impact activities could also trigger calls to emergency services. Your Pixel phone might not be able to call emergency services in some cases, like when your phone is connected to a weak mobile network or in an ongoing call.

Step to use Car Crash Detection on Pixel

If you are a user of a Pixel phone, then you should turn it On to Car Crash Detection and you find it easy to use. When you open the “Safety” app then go to its setting, and toggle on Car Crash Detection. For this maybe need some permissions like location and access contact.

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