Samsung disables taskbar on Android 12L when third-party launcher uses

Android 12L version has the main feature which is its taskbar for foldable and tablets. But there an issue occurs when using a third-party launcher in the Android 12L taskbar disabled. Samsung releases One UI 4.1.1 update which is based on the Android 12L, company brings the Google’s features for its tablet and foldable. This update first arrived on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, now this expanded to other devices too and they are Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Tab S7 too.

Impact of the third-party launcher on Android 12L

Whenever a third-party launcher uses Android 12L on a Samsung device the taskbar is disabled. Nova Launcher or Niagara if used on the Android 12L devices then it will turn off the taskbar. This is a frustrating issue. In the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it’s relatively easy to bypass the greyed-out taskbar toggle in Samsung’s version of Android 12L. Going to Settings > Display > Navigation bar and at the bottom “Looking for something else?” is a shortcut to the taskbar’s setting.

From this, you can easily enable the taskbar again, but it is not working yet. When the Niagara Launcher uses on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 the taskbar still shows on the multitasking menu but often breaks. Sometimes the taskbar doesn’t show any app at all. The taskbar trouble again and again. It needs to fix it.

Samsung disables taskbar on Android 12L when third-party launcher uses (1)

On the Pixel phone with the Android 12L, the taskbar doesn’t make any trouble even using the third-party launcher. On those phones, it continues to show the taskbar while using the launcher, and no problem rise at all. Maybe this issue resolves with a new software update.

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