Tesla’s new update Full Self-Driving plans to Add 60,000 Owners

Now, Tesla plans that they expand its Testing program of Full Self-Driving (FSD) for the first time. In this program, 60,000 owners have already been added, and tesla wants to see more owners than 160,000 people participating in the program. With this Tesla FSD program, owners can drive their cars autonomously to the destinations entered in the car’s navigation system. In this driver should be alert for further takeover.

According to the latest report, today, Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) announced that the latest Tesla Full Self Driving update is now available for more consumers in the US and Canada. Elon Musk earlier stated that Tesla will expand to owners with a driving safety score of over 80.

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Full Self-Driving

With Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability, you will get access to a suite of more advanced driver assistance features, designed to provide more active guidance and assisted driving under your active supervision.

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