iPhone 14 Pro Max DXOMARK scored 149 points

According to the latest DXOMARK report, the newly launched iPhone 14 Pro Max scored a total screen score of 149 and you will be glad to know that it surpasses the previous iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The audio score is 142, ranking 9th in the DXOMARK global audio rankings. Apple always brings its next-generation iPhones with greater capability. Especially in terms of readability, it can be said that it really stands out and deserves the top spot

The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with 2000 nits of brightness when viewing photos in sunlight. The video experience is also great: contrast and detail are very natural when watching HDR video, and rendering is very realistic in low light; frame loss is almost invisible when playing video games.

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  • Excellent overall display performance
  • Excellent screen readability and colors outdoors thanks to an impressive “boost” in brightness levels
  • Excellent for watching HDR videos indoors, due to the high brightness and the fine contrast tuning that renders videos close to the artistic intent
  • Good for listening to music, watching movies, or playing videogames, allowing for an immersive experience, thanks to its wideness and sound energy
  • Good at recording concerts and shows, or loud sources of sound


  • Distortion when listening to music at maximum volume
  • Voices may be masked by ambient noises in an outdoors setting
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