Battlefield 2042 update reworked version of the Renewal map

In the last month, Battlefield 2042 Season 1, a series of reworks was planned for the game launch maps. The new cover assets, flag positions, terrain elevations, and visual updates to several locations on the map, as per developer DICE. It will be followed by a reworked version of Orbital in October. Tuesday’s update will also introduce the Polaris RZR vehicle, a lightweight and speedy two-person buggy suited to “surprising enemy infantry or gaining new, tactical positions”.

Update 2.1 includes three new Vault weapons, weapons previously available only in Battlefield Portal that can now be accessed in All-Out Warfare once unlocked, in the form of the P90, GOL Sniper Magnum, and the M1911.

Other key features of this week’s update include improvements designed to reduce instances of mouse input latency, balance tuning for attack and transport helicopters, and the Nightbird. DICE has also teased plans to hold a special event in mid-October called ‘The Liquidators’. It will offer “new earnable cosmetics alongside infantry-only gameplay with tight play spaces and intense close-quarters combat”.

In late August Battlefield 2042 Season, 2 launched. Titled ‘Master of Arms’, it introduced a new map designed for infantry-focused gameplay, a new Specialist, plus fresh weapons and vehicles.

Lastly, the game polarizing specialists, in Season 3 update, DICE plans to declare to introduce a class system for Battlefield 2042.

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