Google Search On 22: Check the complete information

Today, at Google Search On 22, the company revealed how AI advancements enable us to transform our information products yet again. You can check the complete information about Google Search On 22 which is mentioned below.

Google Multisearch

With multi-search, you can take a pic *and* ask a question to get the look you want or fix something. Google bringing this new way to search to 70+ languages. And soon, you’ll be able to add “near me” to your image to find what you’re looking for nearby.


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Translating With Lens

What you love about Translating with Lens is now even better. With major advancements in AI, translated text appears seamlessly integrated, as if it was part of the original picture. Turning text… into context!


Explore New Information

Google introducing new ways to explore information on Google. When you want to dig deeper, simply tap to add and remove topics to zoom in and out… and follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

Google Maps

If you’re visiting a new place, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth exploring. Soon on Google Maps, you’ll be able to get the vibe of a neighborhood at a glance with photos and videos of the most popular spots coming to life on your map.

Food Search

Google all been there… a food craving you can’t get off your mind. In the coming months you can search for a specific dish, like “soup dumplings near me,” and quickly see what local restaurants offer it, with pictures and reviews — satisfying that craving in no time.

Looking to make more sustainable food choices? When you search for certain recipes like “bean recipes” or “broccoli chicken,” you’ll soon be able to compare how sustainable your options are, thanks to ingredient-level emissions info from the United Nations.


Before you “add to cart,” check out every angle. With 3D shopping, you’ll be able to see 360° spins of more products that you’re searching for on Google, starting this fall with sneakers.


Early next year, you’ll also be able to opt into alerts if new results appear, so you can quickly request their removal. So you can have peace of mind that we’re helping your personal information stay just that… personal.

Today, Google rolling out the Results about you tool — so you can easily request the removal of search results that contain your personal phone number, home address or email address, right from the Google app.

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