GTA 6 updated Rebooted Development Around Red Dead Redemption 2’s Release

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a really interesting game there, the player can get struck by lightning, there are half a million lines of dialogue in the game, there’s a callback to a popular character, and much more. Rockstar Games update that at the release of the Red Dead Redemption 2 they also restart the Grand Theft Auto VI. GTA 6 is one of the best-selling games. The Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and it was played by a large number of people then up to today this game keeps updated through the GTA online. But then in the updating of this Game was not the Rockstar Games it was just to develop For the Red Redemption 2.

The first season of Red Redemption 2 was so likable. This was not the only project they were working on. As per the Rockstar Games insider at the time of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Tez2 and GTA 6s development was completed but this game was restarted at the time the 2018 western game was released.

GTA 6 was restarted for several reasons for example concerns about crunch due to the scale of the game and new animation technology. The insider referred to a patent from Rockstar that allowed them to work with new tech and GTA Forums users pointed to a patent from 2020 that allows for more realistic NPC behavior, particularly in vehicles. Bloomberg noted earlier this year that the game was initially intended to include multiple countries but was scaled back to focus on Vice City. As such, the game is codenamed Project Americas, but it doesn’t sound like that will be truly representative of the final product now.

In the rebooted development, the pandemic causes changes in how developers operate, and more, it’s no surprise that it has been such a long time between GTA 5 and 6. Of course, it should be noted these are just rumors right now. However, it doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s a bad thing if it leads to a more focused game.

Last, in the past few days, there was leaked footage from GTA 6 that certainly explained that now in there is no new development in this game, it is just like the as old version.

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