Tesla maybe launch new sedan, it’s cost half the Model 3

Last week, an update came from the which said that Tesla’s FSD car pre-ordering will start at the end of this year. Recently, in its financial report that Musk said right now company’s car development team is mainly focused on the developing next car or working on the next generation of the car. In addition, he said about the car cost which may be half as much as the Model 3. 

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As per the sources, the car is placed on a scooter, the whole body is covered with camouflage, and the details cannot be seen clearly, but it is certain that it adopts a closed front face and uses an integral pop-up hidden door handle.

Inside the car, although there are no photos, don’t think too much, if this is a new Tesla car, it must be similar to the Model 3 and Y. After seeing the outer appearance of the car there’s a radar under the front bumper, which is not the route Tesla is going today; the door handles are integral pop-ups and unlikely to be positioned lower than a 3 or Y; the exterior mirrors don’t look like a Tesla model.

Finally, this car’s identity has not been confirmed. If it’s true then some updates about the upcoming Tesla model surely publish soon.

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