Google Meet and Zoom video call over the cross-platform soon

When the Pandemic came to making video call for work and business it’s so often. At work, all are using Google Meet and Zoom. Now, in the coming days, Google let you do video calls with Google Meet and zoom features together.

There may have been trends in between, in which one piece of software was just a little more popular than the others, but nobody could really establish a monopoly position. Although competition is a good thing in principle, it can also lead to less comfort in everyday life – for example, if you have to switch quickly from one software to the other between two meetings. It is therefore practical for end users if the services can at least communicate with one another.

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This collaboration of Google Meet and Zoom will help each other to grow together. For the time being, this is probably limited to business conference software. Google explains it like this in its own cloud blog :

At launch, Zoom interoperability will be supported on all ChromeOS-based Meet devices, with more products to follow over time. Google Meet interoperability is supported for all Zoom rooms on all platforms. Admins will be able to enable interoperability for enrolled devices in their organization and allow trusted devices to participate in cross-platform calls without call waiting.

Finally, last year, Google wants to join with Cisco to let WebEx and Google Meet enhances the video call features more.

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