[U: Germany, US] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 grabbed October 2022 patch update

Nov 09/2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 now getting October 2022 patch update in Germany with the build number F721NKSS1AVJ7/F721N0KR1AVJ7/F721NKSU1AVJ1 and the size package of this update is around 302MB.

Oct 20/2022

The unlocked variant of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 now getting October 2022 patch update in the US with the build number F721USQS1AVII.

Oct 17/2022

No other phone company beats Samsung in terms of software updates and support. Yes you read it right, Samsung is the leading giant, as a part of Samsung’s update policy, majorly of its smartphones cover the patch.

According to the latest report, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 grabbed the October 2022 security patch update in the US. The latest update is currently rolled out via the Verizon network. As per the report, the latest update comes with the build number SP2A.220305.013.F721USQS1AVII.

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October 2022 Patch Details:



  • CVE-2021-0942, CVE-2021-0943, CVE-2021-0697, CVE-2021-0871, CVE-2022-20399, CVE-2022-29582, CVE-2022-22091, CVE-2022-22066, CVE-2022-25696, CVE-2022-25690, CVE-2022-22095, CVE-2022-25656, CVE-2022-25670, CVE-2022-20388, CVE-2022-20387, CVE-2022-20385, CVE-2021-4083, CVE-2022-20420, CVE-2022-20351, CVE-2022-20413, CVE-2022-20418, CVE-2022-20412, CVE-2022-20416, CVE-2022-20417, CVE-2021-39628, CVE-2021-39673, CVE-2022-20394, CVE-2022-20410, CVE-2022-20425


  • CVE-2021-39758, CVE-2022-20415

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-22089, CVE-2022-22081, CVE-2022-22093, CVE-2022-22094, CVE-2022-22092, CVE-2022-25704, CVE-2022-25693, CVE-2021-39624

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-26447, CVE-2022-22074, CVE-2022-25688, CVE-2022-25669, CVE-2022-25686, CVE-2022-25708, CVE-2022-25706, CVE-2022-20386, CVE-2022-20391, CVE-2022-20390, CVE-2022-20389
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