Tesla Model S maybe featured with the Apple Music

In this June, Tesla Model S was released with the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version, known as the 60D. Now, Tesla Model S car system may be featured with Apple Apple Music. Tesla Model S could be exhibited at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. This made all vehicles of the company together.

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Recently, pictures shown on the web define that the Tesla Model S car system may be upgraded with the Apple Apple Music.

From the Pictures, the vehicle system version number is 2022.40.50. Users need to log in to Apple Music by scanning the code. This is just for the demonstration cars not for the release.

Tesla Model S and Apple Apple Music

As per from report of December 2020, Tesla cars may get support for Apple Music. But then after some months, this update won’t be executed. Afterward, no update came based on this feature of the Tesla car.

Finally, from the picture, currently, it’s a demonstration not fully completed for public use. The company will further detail then it will confirm that this support will embed in the Tesla car.

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