On Android Chrome’s native credentials list replacing by Google Password Manager

This June, Google enabled Android users to put shortcuts for the Google Password Manager on the home screen. The latest version of Chrome on Android replaces the browser credentials list that helps to expand the Google Password Manager.

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Version 107 may have enabled it for some users, but Chrome 108 appears to have enabled it for most. The latest stable browser version is still being released. Using Chrome’s Settings instead of the Settings app’s Manage your Google Account, Security, and Password Manager is much faster.

The user interface is similar to that at passwords.google.com, where you can use a card to start a password check. A list of your account’s saved credentials is below that. Before you can view or copy a password, tapping on one, which is usefully accompanied by a favicon here, requires fingerprint authentication.

In the meantime, you can quickly search for a new username and password or add one, and a gear icon in the top-right corner of the settings menu lets you enable or disable: Offer auto-sign-in, password alerts, and password storage for Android and Chrome.

This means, switching Chrome to the Google Password Manager has little effect on the user experience. The new user interface is more in line with the web version and has the same backend as before, giving Google one area to focus on improvements.

Finally, on-device encryption, for instance, will soon be available in the settings.

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