Musk won’t consider to paying ‘Apple tax’

Elon Musk and Apple will both suffer significant financial losses if the Twitter app is removed from the App Store. Mark Gurman, a well-known columnist, stated that there is a solution that can give Musk what he wants while also resolving the conflict between the two parties.

First and foremost, Twitter will struggle to survive in the event of an all-out “war” with Apple. The best way for users to download the Twitter app is through the App Store, which is available on over 1.5 billion devices worldwide. Musk has said he could construct his telephone and working framework, bypassing Apple and Google. But, doing so would be too difficult, making it unlikely.

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About facts Twitter on App Store

Apple will, in fact, grant Twitter unprecedented flexibility. Apple will not remove the Twitter app so long as Twitter does not break the “golden rule” of the App Store, which stipulates that Twitter must share 30 percent of its revenue with Apple.

This is due to the possibility of a crisis affecting the entire Apple ecosystem, not because the delisting of Twitter will result in losses for Apple. Other businesses may follow Musk’s example if he publicly breaks Apple’s rules. Then, at that point, the whole Application Store plan of action will implode.

Blue and other premium services could be paid for online via a website operated by Twitter, which would then require users to sign up for Twitter through the website. The paid service will then be unlocked and users will no longer need to use Apple to process payments when they log into Twitter on an iPhone or iPad.

Musk could charge $8 online and then raise the price by a fictitious 30% on iOS. He gets $8 in either case, but the pricing will encourage users to pay online. However, Apple’s rules also say that the iOS app can’t advertise web-side payment solutions, so any changes are coordinated with other marketing efforts.

Finally, Musk can circumvent Apple’s 30% revenue share while maintaining his apps in the App Store by following the rules of the store. This avoids a problem for both Musk and Apple. Cook and Apple will probably also believe that doing so will be beneficial.

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