[U: AT&T, Verizon, China, T-Mobile, Canada, US, India, South Korea, UK] The Galaxy S21 series grabbed stable One UI 5.0 update

Dec 01/2022

The well-known US carrier AT&T now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in the US with the build number G998USQU5DVK9 and the size package of this update is around 2.4GB.

Dec 01/2022

The well-known US carrier Verizon now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in the US.

Nov 30/2022

Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in China.

Nov 29/2022

T-Mobile now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in the US.

Nov 22/2022

Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in Canada with the build number:

  • Galaxy S21: G991WVLU5DVK3
  • Galaxy S21+: G996WVLU5DVK3
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: G998WVLU5DVK3

Nov 15/2022

Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in the US with the build number:

  • Galaxy S21: G991USQU5DVK3
  • Galaxy S21+: G996USQU5DVK3
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: G998USQU5DVK3

Nov 10/2022

After Germany and the UK, Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in India.

Nov 08/2022

After Germany and the UK, Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in South Korea.

Nov 07/2022

After Germany, Samsung now released the stable One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S21 series in the UK.

Nov 07/2022

The Galaxy S22 series received the stable Android 13 update on October 22 and now over 15 days later, another Samsung flagship series has received the stable Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update. Currently, the update is available in Germany, but we expect the update to be available for more markets soon.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy S21 Ultra have now received the stable One UI 5.0 update. The latest software update comes with the build number G991BXXU5DVJC, G996BXXU5DVJC & G998BXXU5DVJC for the Galaxy S21, S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra and the size package of this update is around 2.1GB.

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Samsung One UI 5.0 Stable Update Changelog:

Updating the operating system to Android 13 and the interface to One UI 5.

One Ul 5 gives you more powerful customization and makes operations on your Galaxy devices easier

New design

New icons and illustrations Icon symbols are wider for a sharper look and easier to see Subtle background shades and enhanced contrast give it a fresher, more natural look. The new illustrations have been created for a consistent look across all apps.

More intuitive than ever New animations and transition effects make switching between screens more natural.

Animations and other visual feedback appear instantly when you touch the screen, making interactions more intuitive. Scroll speed has also been improved to make scrolling smoother across the entire One Blur Effects and Enhanced Colors Blur effects in the background of the Quick Panel, Home Screen and the entire One UI have been enhanced with brighter colors for a clearer and more consistent experience. The app’s simplified color schemes help you avoid distractions and focus on the ongoing activity.


Personalize your lock screen Touch and hold the lock screen to change. What’s simpler? Customize your wallpapers, clock style, notification settings and more with live preview, all in one place

More wallpaper choices The wallpaper settings have been reimagined making it easier for you to find the perfect wallpaper for your home and lock screens. There are more images, videos, colors and filters to choose from, now more than ever.

More options for your color palette It’s easier to find the right colors for you. Choose from 116 color themes based on your wallpaper, as well as predefined color themes designed for a stunning look

Easily See Who’s Calling Set a different background for each contact’s calls to easily see who’s calling, at a glance.

Procedures and routines

Choose your modes based on your activity Choose a mode based on what you are doing, for example, exercise, work, relax, then choose what you want your phone to do in each of these contexts. For example, turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you are relaxing or playing music while driving.

Sleep Mode is now called Sleep Mode When it’s time to sleep, Sleep Mode allows you to automate several actions such as activating Night Mode and changing the sound mode.

Discovering predefined routines is easier A simplified layout that makes it easy to find routines that are useful for you.

Quickly check current routines Currently active routines are shown at the top of the Routines screen so you can know what’s happening and make changes if needed.

More actions and conditions for your routines Automatically start routines when using Airplane Mode or Hotspot Mode. Routines can now open pairs of applications and adjust left / right audio balance.

Home screen widget

Stack widgets on the Home screen Combine several widgets of the same size into a single widget to save space on your Home screen, Drag a widget to another widget to create a stack, then swipe to switch between widgets. You can add more widgets to your stack at any time by dragging and dropping

Get tips on your home screen The new Smart Tips widget knows before you what you need. It suggests apps to use, people to call, and other useful tips. suggestions are based on your usage habits.


Swipe the view with a gesture Switch between full-screen and split-screen views by swiping the bottom of the screen up with two fingers Switch between full-screen and pop-up views by swiping one finger from any corner top of the screen. Igesti can be turned on or off in Settings> Advanced features> Movements and gestures

Quickly open apps in split screen mode Just drag an app from the Recent screen to the side of the screen where you want to open it.

Connected devices

Do more with your connected devices The Connected Devices menu has been added to Settings, making it easier and faster to access features shared with other devices, such as Quick Share, Smart View and Samsung Dex.

Camera. You can also combine two emojis and create fun dances and poses.

Samsung keyboard

New emojis available for Emoji Pairs An additional 80 emojis are available in the Samsung keyboard to create an emoji pair. Now you can combine animal themed emojis, food and other items, as well as facial expressions.

Choose the perfect combination to convey your emotions

Rearrange Expression Buttons in Samsung Keyboard Touch and hold the emoji, sticker, and other buttons to rearrange them.

Enter kaomoji directly from the Samsung keyboard Liven up your chats and text messages with preset facial expressions created with keyboard symbols. (***).

Customize the spacebar row on the Samsung keyboard You can choose which function keys and punctuation marks to show on the bottom line of the keyboard next to the spacebar.

Extract and scan a text

Extract text from any image or screen Extract text with Samsung Keyboard, Internet, Gallery or whenever you take a screenshot. Paste the result into a message, email, or document instead of typing it.

Get suggestions based on text contained in images When text appears in an image from Gallery, Camera or other applications, you will be prompted for actions based on this text. For example, if you take a photo of a sign with a phone number or web address on it, you can tap it to call that number or visit that site. Text extraction and suggestion functions are only supported in English, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Samsung Dex

Improved Task Bar in Samsung Dex A search button has been added to make it easier to find the apps you want to use, and you can right-click on some apps to quickly access tasks within the app. You can also customize the buttons you want to appear on your taskbar.

New notification indicator in DeX A red dot will appear on the notifications button in the task bar if you have received any notifications since you last opened the Notification panel.

Mini calendar in Dex Clicking on the date in the task bar now opens a mini calendar that allows you to quickly check your schedule without opening the Calendar app.


Receive only notifications allowed by you When you use an app for the first time, you will be asked if you want to receive notifications from it. Feel free to say no to applications you don’t want to bother you.

Easier access to app notification controls Is an app sending you too many notifications? Blocking it is easier than ever thanks to the notification settings that place the app’s notification controls on top. You can also go directly to the app’s notification settings using the button at the bottom of the Notification Panel.

Choose the types of notifications apps can send you You now have separate control over app pop-up notifications, app icon badges, and lock screen notifications. Allow all types, some or none. It is up to you.

New layout for notifications App icons are larger and make it easier to see which apps send notifications. Text alignment has also been improved to allow for easier reading of notifications


Set a language for each app Want to use some apps in one language and others in another? You can now choose which language to use for each app in Settings.

Set Do Not Disturb Exceptions You can now set individual contacts as Do Not Disturb exceptions. Your phone will ring or vibrate when someone of your choice calls or sends you a message, even with Do Not Disturb mode on. It is also easier to set apps as exceptions, in order to receive notification alerts from them, even in Do Not Disturb mode. Just choose the apps you want to give consent to from the new grid.

Improved sound and vibration settings

The menus have been reorganized to make it easier to find the sound and vibration options you need. Set your ringtone and change volume and vibration settings, all from one place.

More options for RAM Plus RAM Plus can now be turned off completely in Device Care if you don’t need it or don’t want it to use storage space.

Automatic Optimization Device Support ensures that your phone runs smoothly by automatically performing optimizations in the background. To make sure your phone enjoys the best conditions, you can set your phone to restart automatically when needed.

Security and privacy

Check your phone’s security status in an instant The new Security dashboard in Settings tells you if your phone has security-related issues and helps you fix them quickly.

Avoid accidental sharing of personal information The sharing panel will notify you when you try to share photos that contain sensitive data, such as credit cards, ID cards or passports, so that you can assess whether you really want to share them.

Security and Privacy Information for Websites An icon indicating the security status of a site will appear in the Samsung Internet address bar. Tap on the icon to find out what information the website collects and tracks.


More Accessibility Options in the Quick Panel High contrast, color inversion, color adjustment, and color filter fonts items can be added to the Quick Panel for easier access.

Easier Access to the Magnifier Activate the Magnifier link in Accessibility to get quick access to the Magnifier function. The Magnifying Glass uses your camera to zoom in on elements in the real world so that you can look at them closely or read them more easily.

More voice assistance Choose from various types of voice feedback to get help using your phone
Installation program.


More Accessibility Options in the Quick Panel The high contrast, color inversion, color adjustment and color filtering fonts items can be added to the quick panel for easier access.

Easier Access to the Magnifier Activate the Magnifier link in Accessibility to get quick access to the Magnifier function. The Magnifying Glass uses your camera to zoom in on elements in the real world so that you can look at them closely or read them more easily.

More voice assistance Choose from various types of voice feedback to get assistance using your phone, even when you can’t see the screen clearly. You can enable the keyboard to read aloud so that you are sure you have typed the correct letter, use Bixby Vision to recognize nearby objects and know what they are, and enable audio descriptions that explain what is happening in a video (only for supported videos).

Conveniently change the Accessibility button Tap and hold the Accessibility button to quickly change the features you have access to by tapping the button.

New Actions Available for Corner Actions If you use a mouse or trackpad, new actions are available when you move the mouse cursor over any of the 4 corners of the screen. Now you can click and hold, drag or drag and drop.

Further changes

Use several timers at the same time You can now start a new timer in the Clock app, even if another timer is active.

More control over guests to a calendar event When you add an event to your Google Calendar in the Samsung Calendar app, you can choose whether invitees can find out who else has been invited to the event and whether they can invite other people themselves.

Add video conferences to your events When you create an event in the Google Calendar in the Samsung Calendar app, you can set up a video conference at the same time. All guests at your event will receive the video conference link.

Add stickers to your Google Calendar Add stickers to Google Calendar events in the Samsung Calendar app to view them quickly and easier. The stickers are shown in the calendar and agenda views.

Keep track of reminders due today The new Today category shows only reminders due today. You can also check reminders due today at the top of the main screen in the Reminders app.

Show and hide completed reminders You can show or hide completed reminders in any category Show them to see what you’ve already done or hide them to stay focused on the things you still need to finish.

Choose the right view for your reminders Choose the simple view to show multiple reminders on the screen at once or an expanded view that includes details such as due date and repetition conditions.

Drag and Drop Favorites Between Folders Organize your favorites on the Samsung Internet by dragging and dropping them between folders.

More powerful search in the Archive Choose whether to search in all files or only in the files of the current folder.

You can also choose whether to search only in filenames or to search for information contained in those files, such as in the text of documents or in information about the location of images. Once the search is complete, you can sort the results by name, date, size or file type.

Digital well-being redefined The new dashboard offers clearer usage details and makes it easier to access the functions you need, such as application timers and screen usage time.

Get help in an emergency Quickly press the side key 5 times to call emergency services even if your phone is in your pocket or you can’t speak.

Built-in emergency contact list Create an emergency contact list that includes people you want to contact in an emergency. You can use the same contact list for emergency functions on your watch and on your phone.

Show application names in the Applications Edge Tag Panel Enable the Show Application Names option to have the application names appear under their respective icons.

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