Skagen’s companion app now supports Wear OS 3 before the watch update

Fossil has begun rolling out the Wear OS 3 update to its Gen 6 watches following the announcement of the “Wellness Edition” this October. While Fossil has released Wear OS 3 to its Gen 6 devices, updates for the Group’s other brands are still awaited. The Skagen Smartwatches companion app recently received a support update. It suggests that the Falster Gen 6 may soon receive Wear OS 3.

Wear OS 3 requires watch manufacturers to maintain their companion apps for Android or iOS. To set up and manage wearables, end users no longer need to download the Wear OS by Google app to their phones. The Skagen Smartwatches iPhone app was updated yesterday to support Wear OS 3, having previously only supported hybrid smartwatches.

Now you can all of your touchscreen and Skagen hybrid smartwatches can be managed in one place. The app is now compatible with all Skagen smartwatches, including the most recent Google Wear OS models.

The following are also highlighted in the 5.1.2 release notes:

  • Easier Personalization
  • Customizing your touchscreen or hybrid smartwatch’s dial, tiles, and more is easier than ever with this streamlined app.
  • Easy-to-Access Assistance
  • With in-app FAQs, you can learn more about your watch at any time or quickly troubleshoot issues.

Wear OS 3

Screenshots show the familiar Skagen faces and a touchscreen watch. This update is beginning to be released for Android as well, but it is not yet widely available. The most recent version is 5.0.3.

With that setup, all Skagen needs to do is discharge the Falster Gen 6 Wear operating system 3 update, with clients expecting to reset and set up their gadget again after introducing

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