A new bug found in windows that forcing users to buy Microsoft 365

Microsoft has shipped Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2 with an undocumented bug where users could be forced to enter their credit card details for Microsoft 365 trial. When you’re on the setup screen or “first booted the windows”, you’ll have two options for Microsoft 365 offer – “Try for free” and “No, thanks”.

The “No, thanks” button should ideally skip the Microsoft 365 registration and proceed to the next screen, but there’s a bug where the “No, thanks” button opens the registration window.

Microsoft confirmed that they accidentally switched over the strings for “No, thanks” with “Try for free”. In other words, the try it button is actually “No, thanks”, and “No, thanks” is a sign-up button.

The solution is to disconnect from the internet when setting up Windows 10/11.

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