2023 Tesla Model 3 detect distance without Ultrasonic Sensors

It has been discovered that a Tesla Model 3 used for test drives in Poland displays distances without ultrasonic sensors (USS). During the Model 3’s test drive without USS, the prospective owner noticed that it was detecting distances and took a picture.

This vehicle would not have ultrasonic sensors because Tesla replaces demo vehicles every three months. The photo’s odometer shows that this vehicle has only covered 2,800 kilometers. Additionally, the driver provided the vehicle’s VIN, confirming that it was a 2023 Model 3.

Occupy Mars’ video of their salvaged 2018 Tesla Model 3 detecting distances without the USS was previously covered by us. Occupy Mars shows the vehicle displaying distances from objects in the 10.5-minute video with its USS and radar sensor disconnected. They covered the front-facing and B-pillar cameras with tape to test their findings further.

Tesla’s vision might be near:

  • Based on the video from Occupy Mars and this demonstration vehicle, an update that shows distances to nearby objects may be coming soon.
  • Although the software version of this brand-new vehicle is unknown, it is highly unlikely that it was operating an internal build. It’s possible that the vehicle had brand-new factory firmware, which Tesla typically comes with.

Will vehicles with ultrasonic sensors cease to function?

It is highly unlikely that Tesla will soon make the switch to its vision system for vehicles that include USS. Instead, Tesla may continue enhancing their vision by utilizing ultrasonic sensor data. Tesla will hopefully wait until the new detection matches or exceeds ultrasonic sensors if there are any plans to switch to vision only.

In 2021, Tesla launched Tesla Vision for vehicles without radar, but it took more than a year to transition to vehicles with radar. As Tesla’s vision replacement progresses, ultrasonic sensors may undergo a comparable transition.

Measurements at 360 degrees

Tesla Vision may eventually surpass the capabilities that ultrasonic sensors currently offer. If Tesla continues to improve its USS replacement. With additional coverage all around the vehicle, this might happen.

Except for the Model X, which also has sensors on its doors, ultrasonic sensors are only present in the vehicle’s front and rear. Tesla could theoretically expand its coverage to 360 degrees with vision, allowing the vehicle to detect and display distances to the sides.

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