Google now improves the terms of Play Store use and Personal Safety app prepares a redesign with a new settings navigation

Google is now making new adjustments in the terms of use of Play Store. Now, the company has made it easier for users to understand what is actually written in the terms of service.

  • Greater Clarity and Certainty: We have changed some wording in the Updates, Cancellation Policy, Service Cancellation Policy and Refunds sections to clarify what you can expect from us.
  • Easier to read: While our Terms of Service is a legal document, we’ve tried to make it easier to understand.

The personal Safety app prepares a redesign with a new settings navigation.

The settings page elements will be divided into two new tabs, “Features” and “Your Info,” thereby giving the app a bottom navigation bar. In landscape mode, as in other Google app updates, the app uses the Navigation Rail component.

Google is probably still tweaking the new design, because for some reason it uses pink as the default accent color, regardless of the current theme. This change is not yet available to end users.

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