OnePlus Customer Support themselves does not know about its devices

After Oppo’s takeover of OnePlus, users were asking about updates and upgrades OnePlus will give to OnePlus 11R 5G (India Exclusive). First, the support said it will be received 4 Android OS and 5yrs Security patch updates same as OnePlus 11 5G

After some days, the same handle replies, it will get 3 Android OS and 4 yrs Security Patches upgrades. So yeah OnePlus 11 R 5G will get 3 Android OS (Android 16 last) and 4 years of Security Patches.

A famous “leaks” channel spread info about it too but does not correct it later. They were sometimes the first to post after the official announcement but do NOT care to correct it or look into it to verify it again, leaving users with false info.

That’s why our channel is sometimes late to post never posted that OnePlus 11 R 5G will get 4 OS and 5yrs SP, it was always OnePlus 11 5G from starting.

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