iPhone 15 early design real pics leaked

After the inner details, now the live images of the iPhone 15 has been leaked online. The published images have been edited to be lower quality as requested by the original source that shared the photos, as it makes the origin more difficult to trace.

iPhone 15 display is of around 6.2″ which is slightly greater than iPhone 14 vanilla models. Capacitive buttons/Solid State buttons will be exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra models and Vanilla iPhone 15 will have physical buttons which is a good thing. The 3rd camera and LiDAR still seem to be exclusive to the Pro model iPhones as always.

Thinner bezels with curve edges

  • Bezels will be curved, but with Flat display
  • Same display sizes as their iPhone 14 models counterparts
  • All iPhone 15 models will have dynamic island support
  • Same dynamic island cutouts
  • Same ceramic shield
  • Same camera hole
  • USB-C and Titanium Frame

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