Android 15 – ‘V’ dessert code-name has been revealed

The dessert for 2024’s Android 15 is slated to be “Vanilla Ice Cream,” the sweetest component of each year’s Android release. Android has a long history of naming its major updates after desserts, which continues down the alphabet. From Android Cupcake in 2009 to Android Pie in 2018, Google had a lot of fun advertising these dessert names and putting them in the version name.

This changed with Android 10, which began with the challenging character “Q” and was eventually replaced with a simple digit. Yet, Google has continued to refer to each release as a dessert, including Android 10’s “Queen’s Cake.”

Google will release Android 14 later this year, with the dessert codename “Upside Down Cake” as we’ve long suspected. As of 2024, with the expected release of Android 15, it appears that Google has already reserved a dessert for the letter V, as discovered by teamb58 and shared by Mishaal Rahman.

Android’s “Tradefed” (or “Trade Federation”) testing framework has been upgraded with a new version that makes direct reference to Android 15’s “Vanilla Ice Cream” codename in a series of code changes.

Of course, the codename usually doesn’t reveal much about what we might expect from a certain Android update. As a result, we’ll most likely have to wait a while longer to see what Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream has in store for us. Meanwhile, we’re only now getting a taste of Android 14’s Upside Down Cake, the first glimpse of which was released less than a month ago.

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