Android 14 adds emoji wallpaper generator

In Android 14 Developer Preview 2, a new “Emoji Wallpaper” app has been discovered which appears to be exclusive to the Pixel and is guarded by the debug flag.

When enabled, a new “Emoji Lab” set will appear in the wallpaper list. Emoji Lab lets you make wallpapers using emojis from the Noto Emoji font, with various patterns and colors to generate a unique wallpaper that you can save, share or edit later.

Someone Extracted it from the Android 14 DP2 image, and it works on Android 13! on pixels and custom ROMs, it even works on OneUI in Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well, so it’s NOT Pixel exclusive as of now.

Preview of emoji wallpaper works on most ROMs and not all but just set it up and it will be there on your home screen. No need to install wallpaper 12 apk if you already have it installed.


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