Resident Evil 4 gameplay videos surfaced online

Someone appears to have obtained the entire version of Resident Evil 4 and has been sharing multiple gameplay videos, particularly of the campaign’s boss encounters. Although the events of the original plot are followed in the remake of Capcom’s survival horror, the creators have made certain alterations, and you may not want to stumble across an unwanted spoiler.

Be cautious when perusing social media, as some of this stuff may be relaunched. The originator of the leak appears to have first broadcast the films on Twitch, then transferred to the TikTok site after being banned, and is even collecting money via PayPal with requests for certain sequences.

Unlike the opening sequences, we tried with the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, we’re talking about the whole version of the game, which, according to the leaker, would not have been trimmed from the original, as happened with Resident Evil 3.

According to Tom Henderson, international publications and streamers already have a code for the Resident Evil 4 review, and it is, therefore, conceivable that this leak of materials was carried out by someone who signed an NDA and is thus plainly breaching the terms of this agreement.


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